Update Eldershield and Medishield

by Raymond Ng Leong Poh
CEO, Ray Alliance Financial Advisors Pte Ltd

Have you switched to CareShield Life?️

If you were born in 1979 or earlier, you could still be covered by ElderShield. Switch to CareShield Life now for greater protection against severe disability.

Benefits of CareShield Life:
Payout duration: Lifetime cash payouts for as long as you have severe disability
Higher payouts: Starting from $612/month in 2021 and increases annually until age 67, or when a successful claim is made
Premium support: Government subsidies and support measures available
Premium: Fully payable by MediSave
Don’t wait any longer, switch to CareShield Life now! Receive participation incentives of up to $4,000 when you switch before 31 Dec 2023. 😀

Date / Time: 16/12/23 @ 10.00am
Venue: CHA Club House

Please email secretariat@cha.org.sg or WhatsApp 94614581 with your name and contact.

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