About Membership

We offer two types of membership for our old boys. They are as follows:


Ordinary Life Membership is open to all former pupils of Catholic High School (Primary, Secondary or Pre-U) who are at least 16 years of age and not a full-time student or undergraduate. Ordinary members shall have full voting rights in matters of the association.

To join as a lifetime member, please complete the application form accompanied by proof of attendance in CHS and payment of $5 entrance fee and $500 life membership fee (Total: $505) via bank transfer or PayNow.


Associate Membership (also known as “Young CHA”) was launched in 2011 and is open to all former pupils under 25 years of age who are full-time students or undergraduates. Associate members have no voting rights and cannot hold office in CHA.

Upon completion of full-time studies, graduation or reaching 25 years of age, associate members can apply to convert their membership to ordinary life membership by paying the prevailing ordinary life membership fees. Otherwise their membership will lapse when they reach 25.

Associate Members need not pay Membership Fees. Note: Entrance fee of $5 is currently waived. To sign up, please specify the membership type as “Associate Member” to qualify for free membership and indicate Catholic High School under the “Company Name” field.


Join Our Membership

Together, as one body, let us continue to nurture the spirit of our alma mater in all we do:

Showing love for one’s nearest next to kin, one’s fellowmen and all living things. This is a manisfestation of the spirit and essence of traditional Chinese culture.

One who wishes to attain a whole personality ought to be honest, faithful, sincere and to be imbued with other fine virtues.

The ability to serve springs from one’s recognition of being part of a community and one’s responsibility to his fellow human beings.


Have you signed up as alumni member yet? If the answer is no, what are you waiting for? Be part of a community that is specifically designed around you. Whether you graduated 30 years ago, or 3 years ago, you are most welcomed to be a part of the CH Alumni.

Simply complete the membership application form to sign up!