CHA Constitution


1. This Association shall be known as the Catholic High Alumni.

Place of Business

2. Its place of business shall be at 9 Bishan Street 22 Catholic High School (Secondary), Singapore 579767 or at such other place or places as the Executive Committee shall decide, subject to the approval of the Registrar of Societies.


3. i) To promote friendship, understanding and co-operation amongst the members.
ii) To promote physical, cultural and general well-being of the members.
iii) To provide opportunity for the exchange of ideas and views amongst the members.
iv) To assist in every way possible the development of the Alma Mater.


4. There shall be three classes of members viz:
a) Associate
b) Ordinary (Life)
c) Honorary

5. a) Any person of or above the age of 16 years and having left the Alma Mater may apply to become an:
i) Ordinary (Life) Member provided he is not a full-time student or undergraduate; or
ii) Associate Member if he is a full-time student or undergraduate and below the age of 25.

b) An Associate Member may apply to convert his membership to Ordinary (Life) Membership upon attaining the relevant eligibility requirements and payment of applicable fees. Unless the membership is converted as aforesaid, it shall automatically expire on the Associate Member attaining the age of 25.

c) Any person who has been the principal or a member of teaching staff of the Alma Mater and who has rendered distinguished services to the Association or to the Alma Mater may be nominated by the Executive Committee for election at the Annual General Meeting to Honorary Membership of the Association provided that such nomination shall be clearly stated in the notice calling the Annual General Meeting.

d) An Associate Member or Honorary Member shall not have any vote, hold office or have any say in the management of the Association. Only Ordinary (Life) Members shall have the right to vote, hold office and have any say in the management of the Association.

e) All new applications for Associate and Ordinary (Life) Membership or applications for conversion of membership shall be proposed and seconded by existing members and shall be submitted to the Executive Committee in the prescribed form.

f) Upon approval of the Executive Committee and upon payment of the applicable entrance fee and/or Subscription, an applicant shall become an Associate or Ordinary (Life) Member of the Association.

g) The Executive Committee shall have the power to determine any questions relating to membership eligibility, to waive any requirements where it is in the interest of the Association to do so and to approve or reject applications accordingly.

h) The number of Associate, Ordinary (Life) and Honorary Membership respectively is not limited.

Entrance Fees, Subscriptions and Other Dues

6. The Entrance Fee for Associate and Ordinary (Life) Members shall be as determined by the Executive Committee.

7. The Subscriptions for Associate or Ordinary (Life) Members and the manner of payment shall be as determined by the Executive Committee.