Amazing Grace Memorial Book

On the occasion of Catholic High School’s 88th Founder’s Day and the 54th Anniversary dinner of Catholic High Alumni, the alumni community unveiled《恩典》Amazing Grace on October 13, 2023. This poignant memorial book serves as a heartfelt tribute to our cherished Brother Joseph. Within its pages, one can find touching articles chronicling his journey from the early days of teaching at Catholic High to his esteemed role as Principal, and finally, to the days of his well-deserved retirement.

The book also serves as a collective effort, with numerous alumni contributing articles, photographs, and cherished memorabilia. Each contribution weaves together a tapestry of memories, allowing us to reflect on the enduring impact Brother Joseph had on the Catholic High family and the profound legacy he left behind.

The production is not for sale to the public. We welcome a donation of at least $30 to cover the production cost ($30) upon your request for a copy of the book.

Please contact our Secretariat for more information.

Thank you.

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