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The Catholic High Dragons at the DBS Marina Regatta 2018

Posted on 3 June 2018 by Loo Kian Peng

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The Catholic High Dragons participated in the DBS Marina Regatta which was held at the Marina Promontory @ Marina Bay on 3 June 2018. The Dragons were signed up for the Prermier Open and competed against a field of formidable opponents in Event 10. 

Forming up in Lane 6, we were rowing against teams from NTU, Singapore Polytechnic, SAFRA, Singtel Rec Club and Paddlers Against Limits. Rowing conditions were sort of perfect, the sun was peaking out from a layer of dense clouds, the atmosphere was electrifying and spririts in the boats were high. However, just as the race was about to start, the wind became rather excited and gusts picked up strength from the port side, making a turbulent start to the race. However, the teams were focused on the task ahead and paddled furiously.

Reflecting on the performance on shore, the team was disappointed that the timing was not quite as what was expected. Regardless, the Dragons persevered and did not give up, pstching each other up to do even better in the next event --  the repecharge event seheduled right after the lunch break. 

In the repecharge, the team once again occupied lane 6. Determined to put in a better showing, the team sped off the lines and kept the frenetic pace, something the team has been training hard for in the past 6 months. Upon crossing the finish line, the team was delighted to know that the Catholic High Dragons were amongst the top finishers of event 21. The Catholic High Dragons even broke the personal best timing, crossing the line at 56 seconds. This is the first time the team actually broke the minute barrier. 

Despite not qualifying for the semi-finals, the team was delighted with their results nonetheless. Now to train for the main event of the race calendar -- the 500m race at the Singapore Dragon Boat Festival to be held in July. With only 1 month to train for this most strenous event, the Catholic High Dragons can't wait to get back into the boat and train even harder for this challenging event.

Join the Dragons at the event and cheer your team on!  Go Dragons!

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