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The Fellowship of the Dragon-Men

Recruitment of passionate and able men started in October 2017. A total of 30 participants signed up at the first calling. Although this is a CHA initiative and we will be participating in the various competitions under the Catholic High Alumni banner, we have roped in the larger school community – participants could include teaching and non-teaching staff members of our alma mater, parents of the school cohort, Dads for Life, old boys and of course CHA members.

With this initiative, we hope to foster closer relations between graduates of CHS with the school and build a even stronger sense of camaraderie, afterall our blood is Green, forever and ever.

Seeing the enthusiasm of the Dragon Boat team, Principal Ms Soh further encouraged the team saying that "this is a meaningful collaboration between CHA, Dads@CHS and the school, to promote a healthy lifestyle as well as foster a deeper connection with Chinese culture. This activity certainly strengthens the SAP character of the school."

Echoing the sentiments espoused by Ms Soh, Mr Lim Teng Sherng, President of the CHA addded: "As the alumni of a bilingual school with strong Chinese tradition and roots, I welcome the setting up of the CHA Dragonboat team. Taking part in the Dragonboat tournament is not only a way for its participants to partake in a traditional Chinese cultural event, it is also a way to bring CHA alumni members together. In addition, many old boys have sons in the school, and I hope that by joining the Dragonboat team, the Dads@CHA will become a role model for their boys, not only in terms of embracing Chinese culture, but also in displaying teamwork, grit and resilience. Most importantly, as the Dragonboat team includes stakeholders of Catholic High, it will be an important bridge to bring old boys closer to the school, staff members, our juniors and so on.

As this is an annual event, and CHA has the intention to take part every year, I encourage all CHA members to join us. Let’s row together, improve our fitness and meet new and old friends!



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