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This blog chronicles the journey of the Catholic High Dragon Men, to keep our brothers and friends abreast of the progress and development of our CHS Dragons. Training started in November and through these gruelling gym and wet sessions. The aim is to mould a cohesive team, rowing in one unison rhythm, to propel the CH Dragon Boat across the finishing line at the various National Dragon Boat races in 2018.

Though the training has started, we are constantly on the look out for more passionate and able men to join the team and of course ladies to provide the essential support (emotionally and in vital logistics). Training will no doubt be arduous, but with our brothers' and friends' support, we are sure the sessions will not only be enjoyable but fulfilling as well!

Enter the Catholic High Dragons Lair (blog) and save this page. Follow the Dragon Men on this journey of discovery, pain, satisfaction and the sweet taste of success through this blog.


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The CHA Web portal is the go-to resource for all gradutates of Catholic High School. This is where you may sign up for our activities and find useful information about our alma-mater, including relevant details about P1 registration to enrol your boys to our alma mater.

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